#rsrh Hold up: NY-09 NOT going away if Turner wins?

That’s what Stuart Rothenberg is hearing, at least:

Democrats argue that losing this seat would force them to eliminate a different Democratic seat when the Legislature draws new lines later this year or next in addition to making the redrawn 13th district (Staten Island/Brooklyn) more Republican.

“This isn’t about one seat. It’s about two or three. The party’s $500,000 investment is insurance for the delegation, not for Weprin,” one Democratic insider insisted.

…admittedly, this may just be Democratic pride talking.  The impression that I was getting* that the split New York delegation was going to eliminate one GOP seat upstate & one Democratic seat downstate; and Weiner’s distrinct seemed more or less ideal from the Democrats point of view.  But if we can keep that district, and hack at another Democratic-held seat, well…  thanks?

Moe Lane

PS: Bob Turner for NY-09.  If you live in that district, get your butt to the polls.

*Mind you, my contacts within the New York Republican party are nowhere near as extensive as Stu Rothenberg’s.  Then again, the fact that I actually in fact do have contacts withing the NY GOP these days can sometimes… startle me.

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  • John says:

    I just wanted to say I so enjoy seeing Blue States play musical chairs with their Congressional seats. Especially when they yank more than one chair out each round.

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