#rsrh @DLoesch ‘accepts’ Harvey Weinstein’s ‘kind’ offer…

…of a Harvey Weinstein/Tea Party bipartisan summit/movie screening.  Mind you, ‘kind’ is in scare quotes because the offer was actually somewhat sarcastic, more than a bit condescending, and (most importantly) done at one remove; and ‘accepts’ is in square quotes because I’m pretty sure Dana knows that there’s not much of a chance that Harvey Weinstein is going to officially ‘see’ her acceptance.  Of course, that particular excuse is going to be particularly threadbare, given that Dana did yeoman’s work at last Monday’s Tea Party debate, but still…

Moe Lane

PS: Happy to be proved wrong on this, of course.

PPS: Who, me?  Not nearly important enough in general; not even remotely possibly justifiably anywhere near connected enough with the Tea Party specifically; most importantly… heh, never mind.  Producers get kid-glove treatment.

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