#rsrh Bill Burton: anti-Native American bigot. @attackwatch

Such language, and from a supposedly good liberal, too.  Bolding mine:

“Democrats should be very nervous,” said Bill Burton, a former White House spokesman and senior strategist at Priorities USA, which is raising millions of dollars for the 2012 election. “They need to put on their war paint and get ready for what is going to be a very difficult battle.”

Vicious ethnic stereotyping AND violent rhetoric!  I‘m surprised that Bill didn’t go on to light a cigar and threaten to scalp Republicans in our sleep.

Moe Lane

PS: Bill Burton willingly participated in a contemptible defense of a scurrilous attack of a POW and true torture victim, just to make sure that his candidate (Barack Obama) won a Presidential election.  No forgiveness without repentance; and if Bill Burton doesn’t like having to follow the rules of his own faction’s speech code, Bill Burton’s welcome to challenge it in public.  Which he won’t dare do, of course; not enough moral fiber in his diet.

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