QotD, I TOLD YOU Obama Was A Male Chauvinist Pig edition.

Three quotes of the day, in fact.

Via The Washington Post, via Hot Air, we have first former CFA head Christina Romer, on what it was like to work for the White House…

I felt like a piece of meat.

…and former WH communications director Anita Dunn, on what it was like to work for the White House*…

This place would be in court for a hostile workplace… because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.

…and an unnamed WH ‘high-ranking female official,’ on what it is like to work for the White House:

The president has a real woman problem… The idea of the boys’ club being just Larry and Rahm isn’t really fair. He [Obama] was just as responsible himself.

As I said: I told you so.  I told people back in 2008 that then-Senator Obama didn’t like to hire women; didn’t like to promote women; and definitely didn’t like to pay women more than 82 cents to the male-equivalent dollar.  And, now that this book by admittedly-a-pernicious-lying-deceitful-untrustworthy-hack Ron Suskind** is out, I hope to be able to watch some good old-fashioned Blue-on-Blue over this.  God knows it’s a better outcome than the Red-on-Red that we almost had this week instead***.

Moe Lane

*Since retracted.  Although I’ll call it ‘retracted.’

**I cannot wait to hear all of those people who swore up and down at the time that ol’ Ron was a noble truth-teller who ZOMG proved that Bush Lied About The WMDs go after him now.  I cannot wait.  I may make popcorn****.

***The gun sort of exploded in a certain person’s hand, instead.  Metaphorically, you understand.

****By the way: accurate quotes in 2011 or not, Senator Barry in 2008 under-hired, under-promoted, and underpaid his female staffers.  Thanks for letting me bring that back up, Ron!  Now go crawl back under your rock.


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