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  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    I say “bring it”. We need these elections to be about ideas. Scott Brown isn’t a conservative’s conservative, but he make appropriate ficon noises. If Elizabeth Warren can beat him, the people of Massachusetts won’t be voting for some stealthy “moderate.” They will be consciously voting for an unapologetic “progressive”.

    And then I’ll move to North Carolina.

  • Beej says:

    I had no idea how much competition she had in the Democratic primary. I guess I’d started seeing her as their candidate already and it’s by no means a done deal.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      It’s an interesting thing about MA: Ted Kennedy was fanatical about constituent services – so fanatical that Kerry never had to learn how, which means that ’14’s going to be fun – and one of the reasons why I think Warren will crash and burn is that I don’t think that she gets retail politics at the level that’s expected of her.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    “The thing you have to give Scott Brown a lot of credit for: He works hard. He’s out in the neighborhood, he’s out talking. It’s like he’s running for City Council. He’s out shaking hands. At every event that’s possible, Scott shows up.” — Boston Mayor Tom Menino

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