:Raised eyebrow: You would think that a three-time Hugo nominee…

…(Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary) would at least get a personalized rejection slip for his short story, instead of a form letter.  Particularly when it’s been submitted to, and forgive me for saying this, an online SF magazine that is not perhaps as well known as Taylor’s webcomic.

Please understand, I’m not in any sort of nerdrage over this; for all I know, the story was crap.  It’s just a little… startling that the publisher didn’t jump on the chance to get a “name.”  Possibly it’s a good startling, but it’s startling all the same.


  • Kay B. Day says:

    Happens all the time with poetry. A Pulitzer-winning poet (Franz Wright) once got into a back and forth with Poetry Magazine, the Holy Grail for all poets, esp. academics.

    Wright let it fly in a series of emails; the mag editor responded. It was all very entertaining.

    Creative arts are brutal–one reason many in that field have a penchant for politics.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    To be fair, the magazine is a 2-time Hugo award winner.

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