#rsrh Dog Fails to Bite Man: DEA avoids shooting elderly couple.

Reason (and Instapundit) is as shocked as I am: apparently, in the course of fighting the War on Some Drugs, the DEA did a “massive drug raid” in Roswell, New Mexico last week.  In the course of said raid, they got a tip that a suspect was at a particular location, so they…

No, get this: the DEA banged on the door, did not shoot anybody, identified themselves as police, did not shoot anybody, requested entry from the elderly couple who answered the door, did not shoot anybody, admitted that they did not have a warrant, did not shoot anybody, then left after being refused entry (because they did not have a warrant) without shooting anybody.  And, oh, yes, the DEA did not shoot anybody.

Yeah, I’m one of those guys who just doesn’t like no-knock raids.  Then again, you probably guessed that already from my use of the term “The War On Some Drugs.”  Yeah, yeah, I’m a horrible crypto-libertarian (or maybe libertine) squish: it still sticks in my craw that the cops not entering somebody’s house because they didn’t have a warrant is apparently newsworthy these days…


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