#rsrh “End the War! Tax the Rich! …”

“…Go on a march to protest at NYPD HQ, which is in charge of neither the military nor the IRS!”

(Via @allahpundit)  I have to admit, there’s something fascinating about watching the Occupy Wall Street people flail about and try to imitate their betters in the Tea Party movement.  It’s a slightly embarrassing, and not very complimentary, fascination; I imagine that it’s much like the feeling that people (hopefully) would have from watching those infamous videos where homeless people are liquored up and then egged on into fighting each other. I don’t want to encourage these doofuses (doofi?) to keep it up until the weather changes and they all have to go back to living in their parents’ basements… but I just can’t look away from the continuing train wreck.

Ach, well, it’s not like they were contributing to society anyway.

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