The Lego Battle of Isengard.

Just got sent the link to this.  The IO9 article indicates that the display is “is seven feet tall, has an eight-foot-diameter, contains 22,000 plastic bricks, and weighs 145 pounds. This sculpture consists of 23 treefolk, over 100 orcs, and one Saruman.”  My first reaction?

Where do they find pieces like that, anyway?  Those look like actual fangs mounted on top of there.

Anyway, stuff like this is a guilty pleasure for me: I think of them as the 21st Century equivalent of the ship in a bottle.  I’d probably get into it, except that I don’t think that I have a mind cunning enough – or, rather, the right kind of cunning enough – to come up with truly original works; I’d just be imitating other people’s stuff…