4 thoughts on “Adding the Kindle Fire to the Wish List.”

  1. Moe, I thought the same thing about the lack of 3G but I ordered a FIRE anyway. I am already a Amazon Prime member and figure, in the year it take them to come out with a ver.2 w/a 3G/4G agreement, I will have learned to love or not the Fire and will either upgrade or buy the sure to come cheaper Ipad3 or 4 by then.

  2. Until I can root the Kindle Fire and put Ubuntu or a clean version of Android on it, I’ll avoid it. If the stuff that The Register and other sources are reporting is correct, you’ll have no privacy whatsoever. Yes, of course Amazon will track your interests when you access their site … but they’ll also keep track of everything that you access anywhere on the Web with their browser:

  3. @Murgatroyd, since it’s android, I’ll be shocked if it’s not rooted within a week of release, if not earlier. And since Amazon’s not going to be selling them at a loss, I doubt they’ll actually much care.

  4. Yup, it’ll be rooted, and probaly very soon: http://www.reghardware.com/2011/09/29/amazon_accepts_kindle_fire_android_tablet_will_be_rooted/
    But the Kindle Fire almost certainly is being sold with at best a razor-thin profit margin, and possibly at an actual loss:
    I may very well buy one of these beasties, once a non-proprietary OS and browser have stabilized. (I need to convince my wife that it’s a necessity.) But meanwhile there are some legitimate privacy concerns about the Kindle Fire.

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