…Whaddya mean, Blu-Ray doesn’t work in PCs?

Is there any way around this? – I mean, besides yanking the CD-ROM drive and replacing it with a Blu-Ray one, assuming that they make those.  I haven’t really looked any of this up yet; when it comes to technical stuff there’s usually a reader out there who can and will explain things.


  • Matt says:

    its just like a DVD won’t work in a CD drive.

    There’s also the encryption scheme – that’s why there aren’t a whole lot of PC BD-ROM drives.

  • Tom Abella says:

    Yeah, what he said. Blu-Ray is to DVD what DVD is to CD–same basic idea but with a more expensive laser that can read tinier little 1s and 0s on the disc, which means you can put more of those 1s and 0s onto said disc.

    So, yeah–gotta go buy a new drive and install it (to begin with, at least).

  • Jeff says:

    The above comment is dead on. Even though they are the same size and use a laser to read them, the different lasers are the main difference. It is called Blu-Ray because it uses a blue light laser. The red laser used in cd and dvd players can not read the blu-ray disc because it is too wide, and cannot resolve the smaller ‘pits’ in the disc itself. So… The only answer is a blu-ray drive. Sorry.

  • Phil Smith says:

    USB Blu Ray drive. http://amzn.to/rnzmEa

  • Neil Stevens says:

    I have a USB BD drive I use specifically for ripping BD movies for the iPad. I rip them with AnyDVD HD*, then encode with Handbrake.

    * Yes, this means it runs on the dev laptop. It’s the most reliable, reputable software in this niche I could find.

  • Skip says:

    I’ve got an internal blu-ray drive that I use the same setup Neil does for that. One comment if you’re going to buy one, and want to see the movies on your monitor, depending on its age, it may or may not support HDCP, which is required to play blu-ray movies on PC without something handling that. I’m not sure if AnyDVD HD covers that or not, I replaced my monitor before I bought a copy.

  • BigFire says:

    BD drive have different bandwidth laser than your regular DVD. You’ll need to have a BD drive to read the BD disc. You’ll also need newer player with BD decryption library.

    I finally got tire of not being able to watch BD disc on my computer a month ago and I replace the drive.

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