Have I linked to this lately?

I don’t care: it’s funny.  And makes me nostalgic for high school.

Well, actually, no: high school was… I used to say that it was a living hell, but really; it was just kind of lame and not very much fun for me. Besides; judging from the online political scene, there’s a bunch of folks out there who have never gotten over their high school experiences, and are thus now serving as Horrible Examples for the rest of us…

Moe Lane


  • Neil Stevens says:

    High School was berry, berry good to me.

    Seriously. 5th through 7th grades were like something Dante wrote about, but the last year of middle school and on from there were nice.

  • Dan Collins says:

    The ones who bother me are the high school teachers who are apparently there to revisit and rewrite their high school trauma by imposing it on another generation of students.

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