The Return of Totally Meghan McCain.

Or, as she would be like to be known as now, “Totally Megan McKane.”

I am, so horrific in fact, have taken steps to have my name legally changed. It turns out some jerk already owns the name Totally Meghan OchoCinco, so I have decided to go with Totally Megan McKane, which is how, it should be spelled anyway (the silent “I” in McCain doesn’t make any sense!)

To continuing my point, this “Meghan McCain” actually had, the nerve to have a lawyer send a letter to, the good people of Red State.org, demanding that I stop impersonating her! Hello! Is my name, Totally Meghan McCain, a part of “Meghan McCain”? No. Is “Meghan McCain” a part of my name, Totally Meghan McCain? I think, as the old people say, that is QDE. Or putting it, in such a manner that independent, young voters who decide the next election, will understand, FACE!

A little bit of explanation is needed, here. As you may or may not have remembered, we had a very entertaining episode over at RedState recently where Meghan McCain’s attorney actually sent over a letter complaining, effectively, that RedState blogger Leon Wolf had done too good a job at duplicating Ms. McCain’s… sorry, this is a little hard to type out… writing style.  Well, there were some people who were mildly unhappy about the fact that “Eric Ericson” (as a general rule of thumb: getting Erick Erickson’s name right is one of our little impromptu IQ tests that we have for our critics) apparently took the articles down.  It was seen as a bit of a retreat.

Little did they know that Leon, to quote somebody or other, was not retreating; he was reloading*.

You can not only find Totally Megan McKane’s response over at Pajamas Media, which I understand is grinning nastily while slipping on a set of metaphorical brass knuckles even as we speak: you can also see this attorney’s letter that was sent in response to the original attorney’s letter.  Now, I want to be clear: I do not claim that Mr. Badeaux has written a letter on Mr. Wolf’s behalf that is the equal to this attorney’s letterThat letter (by James Bailey) remains the gold standard.  But I do feel that Mr. Badeaux’s letter would be permitted to hang out with Mr. Bailey’s.

Your move, Meghan/Megan/Mmmmegh(q)an.

Moe Lane (crossposted to AoSHQ)

*Oh, yes, I am so going to Hell for that one.


  • qixlqatl says:

    “*Oh, yes, I am so going to Hell for that one.”

    You’ll have plenty of company 😉

    I like Leon’s Lawyer, too 😀

  • jetty says:

    “My client will not be bullied out of exercising his First Amendment right to make clear his belief that your client is a spoiled, brainless twit who is cheapening the political
    discourse in this country.”

    Chris Badeaux, Hero of the Day

  • Cameron says:

    I love starting my morning with a cup of coffee and a cluebatting. It makes the rest of the day shiny and wonderful.

  • Fausta says:

    (In a girlie, giggly voice) I just love all the parody’s!

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