Mitt Romney’s major problem: he’s… Mitt Romney. (Language warning)

This post is deliberately not going on Twitter, not being reposted to RedState, and not being guest-posted on AoSHQ this week; I just want to say it, and minimize the chances of it being used as ammo next year if Romney is the nominee.

Here’s my problem, and here’s Mitt’s problem; he’s a one-term former governor saddled with the reputation that he’ll say whatever the hell you want him to say in order to get elected (Stephen Green infamously summed Romney up in 2008 by saying that Romney acts like the guy who wants to know just what it’ll take to get you to drive that BMW off of the lot).  Nominating him will take one of our primary motivators (Obamacare) off of the rhetorical table for the general election*, which is bad: Obamacare is the God-help-us signature achievement of this administration, and the country hates it.  Worse, his performance in the pre-primary season can be best described as “ducking under the podium as the firefight goes on.”  Probably wise in the short term; in the longer one, not so much.

But why should Romney care, given that he does have money and organization?  Easy: his polling numbers.  Romney’s RCP poll average in November of 2010 was 22.6; its highest (July 2011) was 25.0; it is now (October 2011) 23.3.  During that time we have seen at least two flameouts of candidates (Pawlenty and Bachmann), two meteoric rises (Perry, Cain), and one falling-back-to-earth** (Perry)… but while most of it seems to be good news for Romney, none of it seems to be helping the candidate.  People just seem to be looking for an alternative.  Any alternative.

Given that I’m trying to be as positive as possible about this – after all, Romney may end up being the candidate – I suggest that Mitt Romney start trying to be that alternative.  Which means that he needs to stop ducking behind the podium and letting the other candidates pick each other off.  Which means plain speaking.  And which making it clear that he doesn’t actually want to sell us that fucking BMW if we can’t actually afford it.

Moe Lane

*Mitt Romney supporters dispute this; but when you have to start your argument against the fed’s intrusive government program by explaining how it’s different from the state intrusive government program that you put together, you are pretty much hosed.

**It’s not a flameout.  Yet.  But Perry needs to up his game with the debates.


  • BCochran1981 says:

    But..but..but…it’s a BEEMER. It’s all shiny and fast and looks presidential!

  • Michelle Pinsonat says:

    Mittens just hit Perry on the “rock.” Amazingly desparate and petty. BTW, does the man who claims a religion that discriminated against blacks until the 1970’s really want to start a discussion about race? We can go there.

  • Brad S says:

    There’s only one person that can force Mitt to come out from behind that podium, and THAT WOMAN is being…deliberately coy. And I’ll leave it at that.

  • Aruges says:

    Above all else, I want our nominee to have EARNED the nomination, not lucked into it. Nobody wanted McCain, but we got stuck with him because of primary schedule and Huckabee being a jerk.

  • Finrod says:

    At least the candidates, with the exceptions of Huntsman and Paul (who I don’t count as serious candidates) are generally all to the right of Romney. Compare this to four years ago where the only candidate obviously to the right of Romney was Fred Thompson.

  • jetty says:

    “…after all, Romney may end up being the candidate…”

    I need a stiff drink.

    If Romney is the candidate, I will need a lot of stiff drinks on November 6th if I am going to vote for him. Because I just don’t think I can. I still regret voting for McCain.

  • Spegen says:

    But he has such nice hair!

    On the seious side, he is probably right to duck and cover for now. Conservatives have been unable to agree to a candidate to compete. The hopefuls have imploded, there is no superman. I don’t want a savior as a candidate, the dems did that with The One and look at what a SCOAMF he has turned out to be. I just want a compentent leader that can articulate the need to shrink government

  • Wombat-socho says:

    That’s the problem, Spegen. We all know he can talk the talk, but is he going to walk the walk if we elect him?

  • Bob Stovall says:

    Mitt has, thus far, failed to articulate a vision for how his presidency will alter America in any profound way, how HIS plan will revitalize and renew America and Americans to take the nation to even greater heights. He is at the head of the pack because he has been the most successful at dodging bullets (like the character “Boris the Bullet Dodger” in “Snatch”) rather than for such a positive and forward looking vision.

    The ONLY candidate in the race, thus far, to articulate anything resembling a plan to invigorate any discussion as to unleashing the potential of the American economy is Herman Cain; “The Hermanator”. That is not an endorsement of “9-9-9” which sounds like the German Nein!, Nein!, Nein! (No!, NO!, NO!). As badly as the tax code needs to be reformed, we do NOT need to give the Congress to levy a tax from yet another source.

    Perry needs to push Romney into a corner and force some errors if he is to survive past Christmas and he needs to, somehow, dissuade Cain from his all too premature embrace of Romney for the good of them both.

  • Kay B. Day says:

    I just think Romney has a connection issue, as in people don’t really connect with him on a gut level. He sort of has the same cool disposition Obama has.

    Perry’s on earth right now, but I’m thinkin’ he’ll pick himself up and dust himself off. He needs to hold his own in the next debate, refrain from getting testy and (hopefully) talk about his new jobs/get-out-of-the-way plan (whatever approach he takes).

    Meanwhile Cain’s walkin’ away with the door prize right this minute and he’s connecting big time with average Americans.

    I just don’t know if Romney can warm up. And the establishment (or whatever you call the GOP powers-that-be) wants Romney but I think they’re not even sure if he can warm the base up.

    I think Florida’s early primary benefits Romney the most because he’s got his talking points down and while he’s not a great debater, he remains cool (see first para) under fire.

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