How to import video into iMovies for iPad with a regular camera.

[UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  I thoroughly encourage people to check out oktopus74’s YouTube channel, given that he was the one who did the video in the first place.]

Someone pointed out that other people might like to learn how to do it, too.  Short version: watch this video, which I finally tracked down after five months of looking (go, general research skills!).

Longer version:  You’ll need a camera with a memory card, the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (MC531ZM/A), and the iPad app Splice (I spent the four bucks for it).  What you do is transfer the video you want to modify to the Photo app, open up Splice, find the video that you want to work on, and export it over to Photo’s Camera Roll (High Quality setting).  Then go to iMovie, and hey presto!  It’s visible and you can work on it.

My only caveat: I don’t know how well it does, or how fast it is, with longer videos.  But it works.  And this Youtube fellow oktopus74 is a Great Man for putting the original video up.

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5 thoughts on “How to import video into iMovies for iPad with a regular camera.”

  1. Wow, that seems **completely** needlessly complicated….. I thought “user friendly” was Apple’s trope…? More irony than metaphor, now, I guess.

    1. There’s also a power issue with some of the USB devices, Jim. Frex, the Kodak Mini that I picked up triggers the too-much-power warning. Still, with the Camera Connection kit I can use my Canon PowerShot to do on-site interviews and then transfer them directly to the iPad via the SD card. This should hopefully give me the functionality that I need.

      The next step, of course, is to test this with longer video, and see about how to edit stuff within iMovie itself.

  2. Jim,

    There *is* a USB port on the iPad. It’s included in the iPad’s interface/power port.

    The camera connection kit, among other things, includes an adapter that gives you a standard (not mini/micro/nano) USB connector.

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