#rsrh Joe Biden Opens His Mouth, 2012 election edition.

Before you watch this clip (via Jim Geraghty), I want you to understand something: this is Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States of America. This is the guy hand-picked by then-Senator Barack Obama to be his wingman. This is the guy that was to have Obama’s back; the person that Obama would trust with the keys; the man who the President could rely on, no matter what. And not just from the point of view of the Presidency: with this pick Barack Obama made it clear that, in his judgment, Joe Biden was the best, most reliable choice out there for the Democratic party.

Got that?

Good. Now watch:

Jim said, “Give this man a slot at the 2012 Republican convention!” To which I reply: Good God, no. Joe Biden might actually get confused and think that he’s supposed to play it straight, and thus try to help us. And then we’d be DOOMed.

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  • alexandra says:

    No video….

  • Phineas says:

    God bless you, Joe. 🙂

  • qixlqatl says:

    “…How far we have come out…” ?!!?!!?? What color is the sky in his world? No, that must be a deliberate attempt at deception. He could not survive if he were that stupid….

  • antisocial says:

    We don’t want Joe. Thank you.

  • BigGator5 says:

    I sometimes think that Obama choose Biden to ward off any assassination/impeachment attempts. I know I’d take a bullet for Obama to prevent a Biden Presidency.

  • AVCurmudgeon says:

    This was not a gaffe. Biden was actually speaking the truth about Republican prospects, and almost said something really on point about the economy. Why was it not a gaffe? I think Biden there is a sub rosa movement inside the Democratic Party for Hillary. There are lots of signs of it. And I think Biden, unable to keep his tongue, let some of that group’s thinking slip. Obama has lost much of his radical base, but they really have nowhere to go. He is also losing, if he has not already lost, the Clinton wing, but they do have somewhere to go and someone to put up against him: Hillary Clinton.

  • Joepublic says:

    Weird, usually a candidate will run from the mess they have made. This bozo wants to hang his hat on it! It’s like “look at the pile of crap I have created”!

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