#rsrh I imagine the frustration of the #occupywallstreet people…

…must be at sky-high levels right now: here they are in the aftermath of some potentially-useful direct action confrontations* (that’s Commie-speak for “the hippies tried to rush the barricades and got smacked back”) with NYC cops, and nobody’s paying attention because of Steve Jobs.  And if they weren’t focusing on that, they’d be focusing on Sarah Palin confirming that she isn’t running for President (which everybody knew already, frankly).  Coming in second to either story would be bad enough: dropping down to third must be a humiliation for the ages.

Oh, well, I should go make breakfast.

Moe Lane

*I notice with some amusement that the protests turned violent as soon as the union goons showed up. Well, they call groups like SEIU “The Purple People Beaters” for a reason.

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