#rsrh The Phelps clan: as dead to ‘irony’…

…as they are to ‘love:’

I got this via email, but I will happily credit whoever noticed this originally.

Moe Lane

PS: Damn, but the Phelps clan do tempt me to advocate very unchristian behaviors, sometimes.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh The Phelps clan: as dead to ‘irony’…”

  1. I couldn’t believe this so checked out the twitter. It’s true, she uses an iPhone heh. As Bill Whittle once pointed out, I’d take anti-capitalists and anti-Americans much more seriously if they weren’t so clearly benefiting from all the products, freedoms and comforts afforded them in the free capitalist system which is America. Maybe if they wore grass skirts and wrote these notes on pieces of tree bark they stripped with a stylus made from charcoal they dug up?

  2. #SteveJobSecurity “Thanks for the heads up Phelps Clan – we won’t bother with your free speech when we beat you all senseless before you get within two blocks of the event…”

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