#rsrh I dunno how much Hollywood worries about this.

I also don’t know how much they should worry about this:

In a far-ranging poll Penn Schoen Berland conducted for The Hollywood Reporter of 1,000 registered voters to gauge moviegoing tendencies of Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s clear political allegiances have shifted entertainment viewing habits. Jon Penn, the firm’s president of media and entertainment research, says that before Freeman’s words, interest in Dolphin Talewas considerably higher among conservatives and religious moviegoers than among liberals. After the remarks, 34 percent of the conservatives who were aware of them, and 37 percent of Tea Partiers, said they were less likely to see the film — but 42 percent of liberals said they were more likely. (Five days after Freeman’s remarks, 24 percent of all moviegoers were aware of them.)

In fact, overall, 35 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of Tea Partiers consider a celebrity’s political position before paying to see their films, compared with 20 percent of Democrats.

After all, Hollywood seems happy enough with the outcome (more Democrats going to movies); and the Hollywood-Democratic party strategic alliance doesn’t exactly seem about to collapse. Or to stop insulating the former from poor market decisions.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: Suggestion for Republican legislators for 2013: repeal the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. Then, once they’re still blinking from that, casually mention that you’re thinking about Congressional regulatory oversight over the entertainment industry’s financial practices that’s commensurate with existing oversight over American industries of comparable size. Watch with amusement as the studios suddenly start enforcing a new decorum in political speech. With clubs.

7 thoughts on “#rsrh I dunno how much Hollywood worries about this.”

  1. Hollywood worries more about the international market than the US market; a “celebrity” who spits on the US is probably a net gain.

  2. On the other hand, Hollywood is doing its best to piss off people who are going to have a lot of influence over the laws Hollywood operates under. You don’t even need to go as far as the Puppy Blender (who suggested a $20 excise tax on all movie tickets) – just think about how much damage a Congressional Republican majority could do simply by discontinuing the entertainment exemptions to antitrust laws or by requiring entertainment accounting to conform to normal business ‘best practices’.

  3. They should worry a lot more then they do. the time is coming to teach them a “short sharp lesson”.

  4. It seems that Obama is forcing American to sort of pick a side. His policies are so extreme that they are and will be impacting people to a larger extent than in the past. We’ll see how it works out for the dems. So far they have people so blindly enchanted that it may not matter. However, if the few conservatives out there start boycotting movies for these reasons in greater numbers. Then, they might have to clean it up a bit.

    I agree with the first poster that the internaitonal market is more important to them than us Americans. I think most people in Hollywood would pretty much rather be their own country anyway, and I’d like that myself.

  5. The last time I saw a movie in a theater was A Time To Kill, back when it was new. I will probably never again see a movie on the big screen. I also take care to not patronize the businesses of advertisers of the lefty TV shows. Maybe my little pension isn’t enough to break the SOBs but at least I do not help to finance my own demise.

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