#rsrh Duelling QotD, Paul Babeu Edition.

Via The Truth About Guns (via Instapundit) comes this gem from Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu’s bipartisan press conference requesting that Attorney General Eric Holder come clean about his involvement in Operation Fast & Furious:

Every time there’s a shooting or there’s a crime committed on American soil, the first question shouldn’t be, “My God, were these the guns that our own government gave these criminals?

Arizona law enforcement is, shall we say, personally interested in this sort of thing.  Which is why they’re calling for an independent special counsel on Operation Fast & Furious.

Moe Lane

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  • qixlqatl says:

    Is there any legal reason that Arizona’s AG cannot seek a criminal indictment against the perpetrators of Operation Gunwalker, and pursue charges independent of any federal investigation? It certainly appears that felonies were committed which resulted in multiple deaths, north and south of the border.

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