#rsrh My quick post-debate assessment.

Cain: hurt by TARP.  Will not breakout further.  But will not slip, either.

Romney: hurt by TARP.  Will be crowned winner of debate by the reporting class.  Will not get a boost in popularity.

Perry: he did better in debate than a lot of people expected, and how a lot of people are reporting – or are going to report.  But that’s because he has such a low bar for debate expectations at this point.

Gingrich: NOM NOM NOM MODERATOR LIVER (OK, so I reused that line).

Everybody else: Thanks for stopping by.  Go home.

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  • AHLondon says:

    I second that assessment. Cain would have broken out but for TARP and the valid attacks on 999. Can we have a Romney//Cain/Perry debate with Newt asking the questions? Then we would learn something.

  • I think whats important, is that Perry talked about something nobody else has, energy. They all say its energy that has created those jobs in Texas, but then when he talks about it, they are like so what. Perry has the right plan, and handled there attempts to get him very well.

  • qixlqatl says:

    My reaction to the whole field is

  • Demosthenes says:

    I think overall, qixlqatl’s assessment is best.

  • onemovoter says:

    I agree Moe, although people will be swayed not by the debate itself but the all of the talking heads and their opinions of it.

    Here’s my point, could we transplant Newt’s brains and Cain’s energy into Perry and call it an election? I think that would result in the 2nd coming of Reagan. 🙂

  • Darin H says:

    Every time I try to like Huntsman (he was making a lot of sense to me last night), he goes into his “I’m really an a-hole” bit (aka the Mormon low blow shot at Perry).

  • DanB says:

    I don’t care if what his chances are, I want Newt at every debate, not necessarily as a top tier candidate, but just to ravage, pillage & burn moderators like a pack of vikings on crack.

  • workingclass artist says:

    Yesterday before the debate Gov. Perry published a preview of Phase 1 of his economic plan in the Union Leader. It’s focus is on Energy & jobs.

    Last night Perry kept saying energy..energy…energy as he crucial means to jump start the economy. Rick Santorum said the EPA is killing jobs in his home state of Pennsylvania. A Coal & natural gas state.

    This morning the capital of Pennsylvania declared bankruptcy.

    Who will Pennsylvanians vote for and AGW RINO like Romney or an Energy State Governor with a 30 year record of fighting the EPA and public fights with Obama who presides over a state with a robust economy.

    Yep. Why compete with 8 candidates for attention when all he needs to do is draw the distinction between himself pro energy and Obamalite the AGW believing job killer?

  • workingclass artist says:

    Cain pretty much imploded on NBC this morning.

  • Timothy says:

    working class, can you show me a link to Cain imploading. I am upset at him for lying to people. His plan is a joke, and it hopes businesses take there tax break and passes it down to people. Fox is not allowing people to tell the truth about Cain’s plan, they need him to keep people from supporting Perry so Romney can win. It is as simple as that. I would like to see the video.

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