“A Good Day To Die Hard.”

McClane’s going to Russia!


You know, the only reason – the only reason – why I’m not declaring kanly right now is because Red Did Not Suck. ‘Course, I said the same thing about Live Free or Die Hard, so we’re having the ‘unreliable narrator’ problem again…

Moe Lane

Via @jtLOL.  Who is being a bit mean to Bruce Willis: the man’s only 56.  Besides: we cheerfully watched Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood be old badasses, didn’t we?


  • Yippee-kai-ayyyy… and all that. Love Bruce Willis.

  • MikeCG says:

    1. Die Hard = AWESOME!!!

    2. Die Hard II = Teh Suck

    3. Die Hard With A Vengeance = AWESOME!!!

    4. Live Free Or Die Hard = Teh Suck

    5. A Good Day To Die Hard = ?

    Here’s hoping the pattern holds. At least now I have plans for St. Valentine’s Day. Other than sobbing in a corner, that it. 😉

  • Darin H says:

    I’ve liked them all (okay 2 was more Temple of Doom, but at least Live Free wasn’t Crystal Skulls), so I’m looking forward to this one.

    And yes, Bruce has at the minimum, 20 more good years of kicking a.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    If Liam Neesaon can do such an awesome job in Taken, I think Bruce will do just fine.

  • BigGator5 says:

    @MikeCG: Whatever. “Die Harder (Die Hard 2)” and “Live Free Or Die Hard” were both awesome movies. In fact, all of them are good flicks. I honestly want to know what you want out of a Bruce Willis action flick.

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