Rick Perry’s post-Dartmouth Remarks, Part II.

And here’s part II: the Q&A from last night’s (10/11/2011) post-debate remarks by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Again, this was done by RedState’s Aaron Gardner, not myself. You can see the first part here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


  • Timothy says:

    Why can’t he translate this into the debate setting. I just do not get it. I’m voting for him anyways, because I know I can trust him, but I want him to shut the establishment up.

  • workingclass artist says:

    Perry focused on energy in the debate. Rick Santorum said the EPA is killing jobs in his home state a coal & natural gas state.

    This morning the capital of Pennsylvania declared bankruptcy.

    Who are Pennsylvanians likely to vote for an Global Warming believing Obamalite or an Energy state Governor who has a record of fighting the EPA since he was an agriculture commissioner in the 90’s. Pennsylvanians will vote for jobs and rolling back the EPA means jobs all over the country that happen fast. The wildcatters,oilriggers & developers are just waiting. The first part of his economic plan comes out this week. The preview appeared in an article in the Union Leader the day of the debate. There isn’t another candidate who knows as much as he does about this from his experience as Gov. of Texas.

    The only polls that count are those at the voting booths n every primary.

  • workingclass artist says:

    Perry is the Anti-Romney & the Anti-Obama with the record to back it up.

  • antisocial says:

    Timothy – I was thinking exactly that. Why can’t he talk like this in debates?

  • workingclass artist says:

    He will with Obama

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