Blogging called on account of Pratchett.

Snuff: A Novel of Discworld has arrived.  It’s one of the Sam Vimes police procedural ones, which are probably my favorite subcategory of Terry Pratchett Discworld novels*.

Go on ahead; I’ll catch up with you later.

Moe Lane

*Well, yes, except for DEATH, of course.  Everybody likes him.


  • “Death isn’t on line. If he was, there would be a sudden drop in the death rate. Although it’d be interesting to see if he’d post things like: DON’T YOU THINK I SOUND LIKE JAMES EARL JONES?” Terry Pratchett

    Enjoy your break! Then, go read Good Omens. Seriously. It’s hysterical.

  • Spegen says:

    What book do you recommend for a beginner to get into discworld?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    “Guards! Guards!” is a pretty good place to start – it’ll get you into the Vimes/City Watch groove. “Wyrd Sisters” is also a good starter. “Reaper Man” and “The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents” would be a couple of others I’d recommend as first dips of the toe…

  • MikeCG says:

    Equal Rites isn’t half bad either.

  • xander says:

    I’d second Guards Guards as a first novel. TP’s earlier works can be a bit more work, but the watch started off great.

  • Hardcover? I’m so jealous. I’ve purchased, given away, and repurchased the softcover many, many times over the years. I may have to track down a hardcover just so I’ll keep it.

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