#rsrh I haven’t really gotten into this Rev. Jeffress affair…

…mostly because I cannot tell how much of the ‘cult is a technical term in this context’ explanation/excuse is or is not unmitigated BS: but I do know one thing. When you are an actual conservative who is on Bill Maher’s show and he’s being nice to you, you have effed up somehow.

Particularly when high fives are involved.


  • workingclass artist says:

    Well Jeffres is a southern baptist from Dallas. I’m Catholic grew up in the bible belt and folks like him call my church the whore of Babylon.


    It has nothin to do with Gov. Perry and Mitt is a rino ass to try and hang this preacher around Perry’s neck.

    He’s not Perry’s preacher or his church (Methodist) & everybody knows Baptists think everybody but Baptists are all goin to hell anyway.

    I’m still voting for Perry. He’s been a good conservative governor of Texas…We know his warts and he’ll be a good conservative leader and president.
    His economic energy plan is a very good plan…and his other plans will be good ones too.

  • lourae says:

    Amen. When all they’ve got is a 28 yr. old rock and a whackadoodle preacher, I’m shrugging too.

  • DaveP. says:

    I’m a Catholic from the North and my people wouldn’t think much of Jeffries as a Christian either… but I’m classy enough not to talk about it in front of a crowd, and politically savvy enough not to do so in front of a microphone.

  • lourae says:

    Something tells me political savvy might not be Pastor Jeffress’ strong suit. That being said, as the daughter of an Episcopal priest in a small southern town, I was told on a daily basis, “Everything you do reflects on your father.” We became Catholics under the Pastoral Provision in 1982, and the parental chorus became stronger. Risking that parental ire, I’ll say this as well–as important as my faith is to my very core, I am also a Capitalist—I think this is what we should all concentrate on. Allowing media tools like Maher to use this misdirection on us is a huge mistake.

  • Wubbies_World says:

    I actually know Pastor Jeffress. Now I do not know him intimately, but I use to go to his church 12 years ago. I shook his hand and spoke with him a few times. I sat in the pews and listened to his sermon’s every Sunday for several years. He is definitely not a Rev. Wright. He is a good man who is a loving man of God. His only failing is that he does not have political interests, nor is he political savvy at all. His only interest is reaching the lost and leading them to know Jesus Christ.

    What I learned of him during those years, that this describes him to the core. Unfortunately, he stepped into a political minefield with a simple answer in response to a question in a political situation.

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