The tripod kind of subverts the concept of a *hand*gun, you know.

Via AoSHQ Headlines:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIQipl42FLA (no embed)

As God is my witness, I am not attempting to deny this man his right (well, it’d be his right in the USA) to own and operate an absurdly large hand-cannon that looks like that it came out of a Western-themed MMORPG, and that apparently requires a tripod in order to get at least the first shot off in a reasonably accurate fashion. I am not.  But I am sorry: that gun is kind of silly*.  It is my fond hope that the owner finds it just as silly, and is in fact only firing it in an ironic, post-modern sort of way.

Yes.  Hipster gun owners.  The mind reels at the thought…

Moe Lane

*I suspect that it also resembles the Demon Hand-Gun found in most gun-grabbers’ fevered nightmares.  Only it’s not as large.


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