#rsrh Hey, Occupy.com is up for sale!

(Via @justin_hart) Available for a song, too:

“People who are extremely wealthy, who are philanthropic, who want to help the movement, the concept would be for one of those folks to buy it and donate it to Occupy, buy it and have it serve as a central repository since there is no centralized resource,” said Karen Bernstein, a New York-based lawyer who handles Ms. Comito’s domain sales. ”This would be a perfect match,” she said.


Ms. Bernstein hopes to get “six digits” for the domain, which ordinarily would have been worth a few thousand.

Sounds like the perfect donation from all those rich celebrity-types that have come down to look at the animals in the zoo… excuse me: I mistyped.  I actually meant to write “that have come down to show support for the Occupiers.”  Anyway: such a good way for the Celebrity Left to put some money where their trendy principles are… dag, I keep doing that, huh?

Moe Lane


No reason, except that I like money.


  • qixlqatl says:

    Heh, I’ll give ya two digits for everything “occupy” related, Ms. Bernstein– one on each hand.

  • onemovoter says:

    I’d rather just give one digit I just happen to have in the middle of my hand. HAHA

  • Johnv2 says:

    I think we should find the rich celebrity type for the OWSers. Anything to help them keep getting the message out, especially video of how Democratic pols are supporting OWS. I can’t get enough of that. And with bad weather on the way, well, we ought to help keep OWS in the spotlight till, oh, Nov of 2012.

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