#OWS hears the drums, drums, drums in the deep.

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Via @MelissaTweets / @chuckdizzle comes this heartwarming story about how an internal dispute at Occupy Wall Street is threatening to bring the whole, somewhat fetid, thing down.  Reportedly, the actual community – you know, the ones who pay taxes and actually live/work there – is SICK AND TIRED OF THE DAMNED DRUMMING GOING ON ALL THE TIME WHEN DECENT PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET THEIR KIDS TO SLEEP, and they’re on the verge of sending in the cops with the mops.  Meanwhile, the Occupiers are a little slow on this entire ‘recapitulating civilization’ thing, so they’ve not yet culturally evolved to the point where they can force the DAMNED DRUMMERS TO STOP THE DRUMMING AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.  Because drummers WON’T STOP DRUMMING.  EVER*.  All of which means (supposedly) that unless the Occupiers can get their shit together – or more accurately, gone – shit will go down tomorrow at the real community board meeting.

And if you’ve never been to a community board meeting when it goes bad, well.  It’s not pretty.

Mind you, @allahpundit refuses to believe that this isn’t a parody, which is fair: it’s hard to believe that such people as this…

Unfortunately there is one individual who is NOT a drummer but who claims to speak for the drummers who has been a deeply disruptive force, attacking the drumming rep during the GA and derailing his proposal, and disrupting the community board meeting, as well as the OWS community relations meeting. She has also created strife and divisions within the POC caucus, calling many members who are not ‘on her side’ “Uncle Tom”, “the 1%”, “Barbie” “not Palestinian enough” “Wall Street politicians” “not black enough” “sell-outs”, etc. People have been documenting her disruptions, and her campaign of misinformation, and instigations. She also has a documented history online of defamatory, divisive and disruptive behavior within the LGBT (esp. transgender) communities. Her disruptions have made it hard to have constructive conversations and productive resolutions to conflicts in a variety of forums in the past several days.

…are real, and not precisely the sort of bombastic cliche that the Online Left bitterly (and somewhat nervously) insists exists merely in the minds of the Online Right.  To which I say: Zombietime, you’re being paged.

But even if it is a fake it’s still a hysterical one.

Moe Lane

*OK, full disclosure time: I’m a member of the SCA, we all know this, yes?  Well.  We have drummers.  Most of them are nice people.  Swear to God, they are.  But put them in a circle and. They. Drum.  They. Just. Drum. Until.  Unconscious.  Which can take hours.  So we make sure that they get put somewhere where it’s OK that they do that until five in the morning.

So I am maybe not surprised that the drummers are restless…

9 thoughts on “#OWS hears the drums, drums, drums in the deep.”

  1. If the OWS thing falls apart, won’t you have to work a bit harder to find something to mock? I mean, the mock-worthiness of OWS isn’t so much low hanging fruit as it is a root crop…

  2. It does not matter if some things mock themselves. If no one notices the tree falling, does it matter that the tree fell at all?

    To put it another way; if no one picks the low-hanging fruit, is that fruit not wasted?

  3. In the Zombietime link, I liked the guy with the dog, kitten and guitar. He’s obviouly just there for the women. It’s close to what a friend of mine in collage posited as the perfect trifecta. He said if he walked across campus with a puppy, a baby and a guitar, he could have any woman there.
    I may not support OWS, but I support this guy in his quest.

  4. Moe: No doubt!! Joe Biden (another root crop) is Vice President of the United States of America…. 😉
    Kresh: To continue with the fruit metaphor, OWS is rotten windfalls that need to be scooped up and disposed of to get rid of the slimy, smelly mess; iow, aleady wasted.
    None of my comments on the matter are intended to be taken seriously, because ows does not merit any serious consideration. They are negative examples, nothing more.

  5. Oh, I see Oakland has begun the scooping up and disposal of the slimy, smelly mess. 😀 Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch….

  6. He’s obviouly just there for the women.

    I was going to say he’d be helped in his quest by wearing clean clothes but I dunno. He may know his niche market better than I.

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