#rsrh David Duke endorses #OWS! (And hates the GOP!)

You can see it here*: I’ll be damned if I have that filthy Jew-hating bastard’s video on my own site.  But I will say this… I’m betting that Team Perry (and Team Gingrich) appreciates how much you hate them, schmuck:

But to be fair, David Duke also hates Teams Romney & Santorum.  Well, actually, David Duke just hates everybody in the GOP, OK?

Moe Lane

*Obviously, it has to be up somewhere, so that you can see it for yourself.  But still, I’m glad for the ability to hyperlink.


  • qixlqatl says:

    I thought that vile sumbitch was dead…wishful thinking I suppose.
    ‘Scuse the language, but how else do you describe the………..well, er…..everything else I come up with is worse.

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  • lourae says:

    Ah, a fellow connoisseur of profanity–I quite agree, the simple terms are the best. By the way, love the quote in NY Post: “I think it’s getting too spread out,” said John Glowa, 57. “My sense from where I live is that it’s losing steam. We gotta plug the holes.” Time for barbed wire walls, armed guards and vast array of snitches and informants! Mr. Lane called it!

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