#rsrh QotD, Google Gets Mugged edition.

Eric Schmidt’s not very happy with life:

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, gave a remarkable interview this month to the Washington Post. So remarkable that Post editors preceded the transcript with this disclosure: “He had just come from the dentist. And he had a toothache.”


“So we get hauled in front of the Congress for developing a product that’s free, that serves a billion people. OK? I mean, I don’t know how to say it any clearer,” Mr. Schmidt told the Post. “It’s not like we raised prices. We could lower prices from free to . . . lower than free? You see what I’m saying?”

Yeah, Eric: you’re saying that your company got mugged by the branch of the legislature (i.e., the Senate) still controlled by the political party (i.e., the Democrats) that you’ve been giving a badly-disguised leg up for some time now, and you don’t care for it.


Moe Lane


  • Kresh says:

    How does that go? A Republican is a Democrat who’s been mugged?

    Ooh. I see what you did there. Well done. *applauds*

  • acat says:

    The problem with techies is that most of ’em think the goal of politics is to fix problems….

    It may also take more than one mugging to get through to ’em, unfortunately.


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