#rsrh Shocker: Obama pandering about Pelosi.

Seriously, what the hell was he going to say?

President Obama on Saturday said Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was a great House Speaker and that she will get that job back after the 2012 elections.

“I’m facing defeat in 2012 because I let this walking disaster walk all over me while she threw away what might have very well been the greatest lopsided partisan divide in American history since the New Deal?” Or “The Democratic party leadership have sworn a death oath to set blood ninja upon this woman rather than let her be Speaker of the House again?” Or even “Agreeing to being here seemed like such a good idea, before my usual blind rage towards Nancy Pelosi kicked in?” – Because while all of those statements may be accurate*, they aren’t exactly what you’d call politic.

Moe Lane

PS: From the article: “In the past, conservative campaigns have tried to paint Pelosi — and her leadership role in the Democratic Party — as the threatening face of the left.”



*Well, accurate enough.  And you have to admit: the idea of the Democratic party having blood ninja would be pretty cool.  After all, a group is known by the caliber of its enemies: and the GOP is currently stuck with… this?


  • Kay B. Day says:

    Pelosi’s comment about ObamaNotCare waivers benefiting small business reflected her penchant for lying to benefit her party. She is inarguably the worst speaker we have had in my lifetime.

    Welcome back, btw.

  • DaveP. says:

    Look at it the other way: As long as Nancy Botox is around, Obama escapes the “Worst Politician Alive” tag.

  • jetty says:

    Pelosi has laid low since the 2010 mid-terms when the GOP ran against the unholy trinity of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. Sure, Pelosi will say something idiotic from time to time, but she is avoiding the cameras (or the cameras are avoiding her, as the MSM is the propaganda arm of the DNC, but I digress).

    THAT BEING SAID, I don’t think it matters. The GOP can run against Obama all the way down the ticket in 2012. Try as they might, Dems won’t be able to get away from President Albatross.

  • Kimberly Marvel says:

    Personally, I keep getting my chuckles out of the fact that the media has to call her the “former” speaker of the house and that she is frustrated that she’s not getting more attention because her party is not in control in the house. Get that…..”FORMER”. Oh, I love me our Republic when we fix our mistakes!

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