#rsrh QotD, I Frankly Deserve Better Than Mitt Romney edition.

And so do you, and so does Ed Morrissey:

The one argument for Romney that actually works with conservatives is that he’d be a better President than our current incumbent by a country mile. That’s also true of most of the rest of the field, though. If the nomination went to Romney, I’d have no trouble pulling the lever for Mitt in November 2012, and I’d be ruddy pleased to do so. But while the primaries are still in front of us, perhaps we can be spared the rationalizations aimed at getting conservatives to back Romney rather than test the rest of the field for a more principled conservative who could win a general election and properly lead this country in the right direction.

I expect that, should Romney get the nomination, the Online Right will suddenly find Senate and House races of particular interest. Particularly the primaries – especially if the nomination gets resolved early…

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  • Don says:

    Nothing would douse my enthusiasm with a bucket of cold water more than having Romney as our nominee. I’d suck it up and vote anyway, but I won’t be smiling when I do it.

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