#rsrh A quick thought on the GOP primary system.

I notice that a lot of people are getting upset about various and sundry issues, meltdowns, backtracks, walkbacks, flubs, snubs, oopsies, whoopsies, smack-talk, back-talk, goofballs, screwballs, messes, confessions, depressions, omissions, comissions, misses, hisses, disses, flare-ups, screwups, miscues, dropouts, walkouts, and THE SUMMONING OF THE DREAD LORD AZATHOTH SO THAT HE MAY EAT THE EARTH.

Folks.  None of this is a failure of the system.  Testing the candidates to destruction is what the system is designed to do.  And look at Barack Obama for an example of what happens when you don’t.


  • Skip says:

    I dunno, my only real problem with the primary system is that it’s designed to produce Republican candidates that are more acceptable to the part of the country least likely to vote for them anyways. IE, far to the left of the average. And I think you can make a reasonable claim that the failure to test Obama stemmed from the same basic problem, in part at least.

  • Kilowhiskey says:

    Kevin Rush has proposed a great alternative to our current GOP primaries: Copy the Heisman.

    “Now think about the Heisman Trophy. When’s the last time anyone complained that this year’s vote went to last year’s junior runner-up? There is no seniority system; everything is based on performance within one season. The Heisman Trophy goes to the best player of the current moment. Can the Republican Party say the same thing about their past nominees?

    The primary process is a war of attrition, and is often won by someone, anyone, who can hang around long enough. The “next guy in line” has name recognition, so when every newcomer is tried and found wanting, the “next guy in line” becomes the comfortable choice.”

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