“Lighten up, Francois*.”

This one’s going ’round… look, I am ALL ABOUT cataloging Obama’s gaffes.  But this ain’t a gaffe:

“I want to make mention that this is our first meeting since the arrival of the newest Sarkozy, and so I want to congratulate Nicolas and Carla on the birth of Giulia,” Mr. Obama told reporters shortly after his arrival at the G-20, with Mr. Sarkozy at his side. “And I informed Nicolas on the way in that I am confident that Giulia inherited her mother’s looks rather than her father’s, which I think is an excellent thing.”

…it’s freaking true.

I mean, shoot, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s a freaking former supermodel.  There’s no shame in admitting that her and Nicolas’ kids would do well to take after their mom.

Moe Lane

*Classical reference.


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