#rsrh And so begins the 2012 Congressional cycle…

…I’m starting to get the first calls from campaigns looking for RedState phone interviews. We had a pretty good run, last cycle: I think that the tally is something like at least five sitting governors, six sitting Senators, and twenty-six sitting Congressmen were interviewed by RedState since 2009.  Given that I’ll probably doing a lot of the non-Presidential ones, I figure that putting up the ground rules here and RedHotting it will give the right balance of access and shameless self-promotion.

Basically, the rules are these: I’ll be happy to interview people running as Republicans (I’m not interested in third-party candidates, sorry); I will interview people running against a Republican incumbent; but I am not interested in Red-on-Red Congressional dirt-spreading (I’m having enough headaches from the Republican Presidential primaries already).  Simply put, if you want your candidate to have a shot at telling me and RedState’s readers how awesome s/he is, great; if you want to instead take ten minutes telling me about how awful your Republican* opponent is… yeah, this is probably not going to go well.

Contact form is here; alternatively, anybody reading this with access to a RedState Director can use that email.  It’ll get to me pretty quickly.

Moe Lane

*Candidates can always tell me about how awful their Democratic opponent is, though.  That’s perfectly spiffy.


  • Aruges says:

    If you can find a decent Senate candidate for FL this cycle, it would be much appreciated…

  • Danielle Davis says:

    I sent the link to Congressman Scott Rigell’s office.

    His dem opponent is one of Senator Mark Warner’s BFFs.

  • acat says:

    Is it too much to hope that you’ll be calling the campaigns of certain presidential aspirants with no chance and encouraging them to run for the Senate? I can think of 3 or 4 off the top of my head ..

    It is too much? Ok..

    Thanks anyway, and good luck with the interviews!


  • Don says:

    Good luck Moe, if I hear of a challenger in my district, I’ll be sure to give them your name. I’m pretty sure MA-01 is a safe democrat seat though.

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