Jesse Jackson… *forgets* where he was when MLK was assassinated?

Via the indispensable James Taranto, it would appear so:

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson visited the Occupy DC group in McPherson Square on Monday evening after the group marched on police headquarters and city hall.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Examiner, he compared the occupy movement to the Civil Rights Era sit-ins.

“All of it is occupying for economic justice. Dr. King’s last act on earth was to come to Washington and to occupy the Mall and put the focus on economic justice,” Jackson said.

As James notes, MLK was actually assassinated in Memphis, TN.  Which Jesse Jackson knows: he was there when it happened.  But I guess that the Occupy movement would rather be told that what they’re doing is much more like the I Have A Dream speech than it’s like a city sanitation strike*.  What’s that?  It’s not really classy to turn political assassinations into partisan political talking points?  Go yell at Jesse Jackson, Sr.: he’s the one that set the precedent here. 

And hideously inaccurately, might I add.

Moe Lane

*Frankly, the Occupy movement is not even equivalent to a sanitation worker’s strike for equal pay for equal work, which is a perfectly honest and reasonable demand.  Then again, the only relationship that the Occupiers actually have with sanitation workers is that the latter are probably racking up a lot of overtime trying to clean up the ground-in filth of the former.

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