#rsrh Well, that was painful.

For those who missed it, Perry flubbed a question on how many agencies he would cut.  How bad?

This bad:

I’m guessing that the Cain people are hopeful, the Romney people are throwing together a Perry attack ad, and the Democrats are looking into ways to push it further.

The bright side?  That statement by Perry is probably the best response that he could make.

9 thoughts on “#rsrh Well, that was painful.”

  1. Moe – Everybody has brain freeze at times. And that is OK. I find myself looking for my car keys around my house 2-3 times a month. The problem is this makes him an object of ridicule. I feel bad for the guy. I hate to say this, but Newt is looking better every day. I hope Perry bounces back.

  2. I am so angry right now. Here we are, with the country on the edge of a cliff, and these fools are the best we have?

    Are we really this boned?

    Are we?

  3. Great comment in the spin room. I was reminded of my daddy’s favorite jab–“I’d rather be in hell with my back broke”. Perry’s got the bad back, and that sure looked like hell.

  4. I’ve seen some speculation that it might be a reaction to the medicine(s) Perry takes for back pain. If true that’s a reason to feel sorry for the guy, but irrelevant to his suitability for office. Presumably he would be taking the same drugs if elected, and that sort of brain fart has happened often enough to make his performance questionable.

    Too bad. I would have voted for him had he made it that far, and I still think he’s made a good Governor.

    The damage appears to be self-inflicted. It’s quite true that the Media have anointed Romney “the Republican most like a Democrat” and are trying to destroy all the others, but the candidates can have real problems, too.


  5. I think Perry will recover & aside from the brain freeze which he dealt with using humor he had a good debate. Went over to his site to vote on which department I would like to forget & sent in a donation. He’s better in townhalls anyway with voters.

    I go for the record.
    Gig Em’

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