#rsrh Day 0 of Blogcon11.

I’m onsite in Denver for Blogcon 11: have run into a bunch of people that I already know, with more to come; and will be running out soon to schmooze interface with folks. If you’re attending, just as a reminder I’ll be on a panel Saturday about Online Activism. Should be fun.

Also, the haircut that I got today may have been the best damned haircut I’ve ever gotten: not only does it look good, it started with a hot minty towel that nearly put me to sleep and ended with a shoulder rub that removed four hours of strain from the flight to Denver. And for twenty-two bucks*, which is insanely low. The place was Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, Denver CO: I recommend it.

Moe Lane

*Of course I tipped. LIKE A VIKING.


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