#rsrh On the way back from #blogcon11 …

In the airport now, waiting for the flight; I was trying to download DCU Batman Year One,, but I’ve given it up as a bad deal. I have books for the flight; that’ll do.

As to Blogcon 11: lots of fun, especially the panel that I did (it always seems a little weird that people know who the hell I am without me having to tell them). Freedomworks put up a pretty impressive program; they (and Tabitha Hale in particular) should be commended. As for the Occupy Denver people… well, they never came back Saturday after getting thoroughly embarrassed and out-organized Friday, and I’m pretty sure that they started getting rousted from their squalid shelters at about the time that I was having some South Korean crispy BBQ beef dish downtown.

There’s a moral in that somewhere, I’m sure.

Moe Lane

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