#rsrh The Liberations. #ows

A guy I know refers to the recent restoration of state and local authority in St Louis*, Oakland, Portland (that’s the one with the mortars), and Atlanta (that’s the one with the tuberculosis)  – I’ll add Denver and, at this rate, Philadelphia to the list – as ‘Liberations.’



I like it.  Good, solid, American word.  Liberation is what my country does in response to the specter of occupiers.  Or ‘Occupiers,’ I guess.  Hey, you can’t throw a rock into a crowd of Occupiers… well, you can’t throw a rock into a crowd of Occupiers because they’re already grabbed all the loose ones handy.  But if you could, it’d probably hit a Commie.  If only because the trust fund kids would be on the ground, protecting their precious Cult of Jobs artifacts**.

Moe Lane

*This is too good not to share:

“It was an educative experience,” said William, 24, a local restaurant server who preferred not to give his last name. “It was interesting to see how the prison system functions. They moved us around a lot. They gave us high fructose corn syrup and white bread. I wouldn’t say I liked it.”

You’re not supposed to like the arrest process, Sparky.  That’s the intent – which even apparently worked, although pretty much by accident.  And, trust me: you didn’t see “the prison system.”

**Says the man with an iPad 2 (paid for indirectly via Activist Left hate mail) and latest-generation iPod.  But I can give it up any time that I like.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    “They gave us high fructose corn syrup and white bread.”
    I do believe this qualifies as a “First World Problem”.
    (And am I the only one who wants to slip the living s#!t out of someone who gives a rat’s ass about that?)

  • lourae says:

    Oh dear–was it all smelly and loud with blankets that were all scratchy and sheets that were lower than 800 thread-count?

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