#rsrh Some fascinating volley/counter-volleys on Zuccotti Park fumigation. #OWS

This is what Letting Small Problems Turn Into Big Ones looks like.

  • Volley (via Jammie Wearing Fools): The cops went into Zuccotti Park in an early-morning sweep-and-clear this morning to clean out the fetid, squalid, crime-ridden, and generally disgusting eyesore that has been fermenting there for the last month under the guise of a ‘protest movement’ (Frank Miller’s comment on what sort of movement the Occupiers actually represent is appeals to me, by the way).  There were arrests; many, many arrests.  And then came the disinfectant.
  • Counter-volley (via Hot Air): The Occupiers found a reliable judge to issue a temporary restraining order.  Shockingly, she’s a hardcore ACLU type.
  • Counter-counter-volley: The City of New York will need a, ah, clarification on the TRO before they can act on it.  Which I think establishes that Occupy Wall Street has outstayed its welcome on City soil.
  • Occupy Wall Street rushes onto the tennis court, drops its pants, and defecates all over it: Occupiers break into Trinity Church, cops converge and make more arrests.

…and they can get on with it, at this point.


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