#RSRH A friendly reminder to NY-08 voters: Jerry Nadler LOVES Occupy Wall Street.

As I understand it, actual residents of the district are sufficiently enraged, infuriated, disgusted and distressed by the plague-ridden  squatters that were recently forcefully reminded that they happen to live in a civilization with actual rules that said residents are now making it clear that if the city caves and lets the squatters come back then there will be troubleLawyer trouble.  It’s hard to blame them… actually, it’s impossible to blame them; after all, the Occupiers have the typical Activist Left bad habit of simultaneously worshiping the concept of the People, and being utterly contemptuous of the actual , not-Activist Left people around them.  I generally start grinding my teeth after half an hour in the presence of your standard Occupier-type, so I can only imagine what months of forced proximity to these people must be like.

Which probably explains why NY-08’s Jerry Nadler is considerably happier with the Occupiers than his constituents are: he doesn’t have to deal with them every day.   Although he may like the Occupiers more than he does his own constituents…

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D) agreed that New York City has a responsibility “to protect the health and safety of protesters and the community.” But the New York liberal, who represents Lower Manhattan, said the police have to balance those concerns with the “core First Amendment rights of protesters.”

“The city’s actions to shut down OWS last night raise a number of serious civil-liberties questions that must be answered,” Nadler said in a joint news release with state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D). “Whatever the courts rule, the city’s actions here must not be a backdoor means of ending the free exercise of protesters’ rights.”

…because Nadler’s certainly coming across as being more sympathetic to that bunch of narcissistic squatters and their poor understanding of basic property rights.  And civil rights.  Basic hygiene, come to think of it.

Anyway… something to contemplate in November of 2012, don’t you think?

Moe Lane

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