…Wait. WHAT?

Via Instapundit and The Other McCainthis.

Another flaw in the FWB[*] scenario is that the older generations haven’t learned how to have casual sex. For people in their 40’s and older, the standard for relationships has been monogamous marriage.



Man, that’s even funnier than the Daily Caller ambushing so-called ‘patriotic millionaires’ who were calling for higher tax rates and inviting said millionaires to drop some money on the Department of the Treasury RIGHT NOW.  I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m in a monogamous marriage, myself.  And (from what I gather, not that it’s any of my business anyway) so is Glenn; and so is Stacy.  But… wow. Did Johanna Lyman somehow miss the Naughty Nineties?

Moe Lane

*It’s short for ‘Friends With Benefits.’   Which you all already knew – what’s that? You, over there: you say you’ve never heard of the term?

Surrrrrre you never have.  No, it’s OK.  You gotta rep to protect, I got it.

6 thoughts on “…Wait. WHAT?”

  1. You’ll have to excuse her for missing the ’90s — she was only nine at its end.
    (Guessing, but I’m probably closer than not. Late teens, early 20’s is usually “WE INVENTED SEX” period of someone’s life.)

  2. Meh, I can’t stand casual sex. Never found them to be as exciting as other people say. I have found that sex with a single partner becomes more enjoyable over time. You get to know what your partner wants and able to respond to their (and your) needs.

  3. Convincing someone new each night to sleep with you that one time? Easy. Convincing the same person to sleep with you night after night for the rest of your life? Now THAT is the sign of a truly great lover.

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