#rsrh Man, Michelle Goldberg should stop doing Bloggingheads.

I’ve been doing this for years, and I’ve noticed that it seems that the only times that anybody ever links to Goldberg’s entries is when her opponent is casually disemboweling her arguments.  Latest example. Via Instapundit: this one has Conn Carroll calmly peeling back Goldberg’s remarkable ignorance about the peculiar circumstances regarding federal oversight of DC, complete with long pauses as she frantically attempts to assimilate the new information*.

I’d be pitying, except that I’m not.

Moe Lane


PS: What, do one of these myself?  HA!  First off, nobody’s ever asked.  Second, like I give a tinker’s dam about trying to convince the Activist Left of anything.  I’m a partisan hack; so are they; and we’re all happier when that’s understood, and nobody’s trying to peddle pernicious nonsense about “common ground.”  “Common ground” is for people who don’t think that they’re right about something.

Seriously, the only time to ‘argue’ with a liberal activist in public is when you can patiently wait until s/he loses control and starts babbling crazytalk; then you can turn to the people watching silently, go “See what I mean?” – and finish your drink in blessed silence and satisfaction.

*To be fair, she got in a good shot about Carroll’s definition of civil disobedience.  I’d like to note, though, that it’s not really civil disobedience if you are confident that you will not suffer any adverse effects from your actions.  Which, for a very long time, was the default option for Occupiers.  Don’t believe me?  Well, note the sudden drop-off in participation at Occupy Wall Street events after Zuccotti Park got fumigated; they promised tens of thousands on Thursday, and instead got only (low) thousandsLots of people prudently deciding that they maybe didn’t care enough about the situation after all to risk getting an arrest record…

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