#rsrh Ezra Levant 1, Occupy Toronto 0.

This (via Hot Air Headlines) is sixteen minutes of hysterical:


Short version: Ezra Levant apparently has an amazingly virtuoso ability to piss off the Canadian Left.  Particularly when he has an infrared camera.

We will now pause while people start nattering about how you can’t trust infrared cameras, again.  They were very entertaining about it the last time that this happened; no doubt they will reprise the theme.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Ezra Levant 1, Occupy Toronto 0.”

  1. Whether the tents are empty or not, the kids camping out there are right – inequality in Toronto and other cities around Canada is rising and it was high time for someone to take a stand. And all Ezra Levant succeeded in was bringing them even more publicity.

  2. Inequality has been around long before there was a Canada. Mandating that life is to be fair is not going to change that.

  3. “And all Ezra Levant succeeded in was bringing them even more publicity.”
    I’m pretty sure being shown to be frauds is not good publicity.
    And get off the inequality kick. The world will never be utterly equal, and no one wants it to be. Canada’s poorest ARE the 1%.

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