QotD, …Ouch. Just… Ouch Edition. (OK, I guess it’s the OTHER QotD)

(Via Penny Arcade) From GamespotUK, on some suspicious reviews of Jurassic Park – The Game:

Between the reviewers’ constant lionizing of Telltale Games, complete sentences, proper punctuation, and paucity of spelling errors, we began to suspect that the user reviews were not the product of actual players, but of Telltale representatives.

Dag, that smarts.  Largely because it’s true.  You’d think that a communication medium that requires you to learn how to type before you get out of grammar school would also require you to learn how to spell and write properly, too…

Moe Lane

One thought on “QotD, …Ouch. Just… Ouch Edition. (OK, I guess it’s the OTHER QotD)”

  1. Definitely ouch.

    Although good reviews don’t surprise me, because if you like point and click adventures the Telltale ones are pretty darn good. I particularly liked all the seasons of Sam & Max. You have a season-long ‘story’, broken up into episodes that take about 3-4 hours to solve each.

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