#rsrh Spanish socialists get gutted in elections.

Shocking.  Well, not really: it’s not like the Socialists were doing all that great a job over there.  Still, good news.  Mind you, the equivalent in American terms would be if the Communist party lost an election to the Democrats…

With 84 percent of the votes counted, the center-right Popular Party went from 154 seats in the last legislature to 187, while the Socialists plummeted from 169 to 110, their worst performance ever.

Looks like it’ll be an actual majority, too: difficult to manage in these parliamentary systems, so that should be interesting.  Good luck, guys: God knows that you’re going to need it…

(Via the PJ Tatler)

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Spanish socialists get gutted in elections.”

  1. Poor Spaniards. I expect an orgy of “separatist violence” and possibly even Islamists chiming in to “punish” them for straying.

  2. It is somewhat discouraging that we have to grade politics in Western Europe on a curve, but it’s not like that’s anything new. At least the Popular Party professes to be pro-life; time will tell how much they’ll back up their rhetoric with legislation, but it is a definite improvement over the voraciously pro-abortion Socialists (and the US Democrat Party).

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