Not really one (Branch Point)

Sorry, folks: I did have one to go over - Branch Point by Mona Clee (alt-history written by somebody who was perhaps a little too upset over what happened to Bill Clinton)... but then I realized that the 'why it's relevant' would have been 'because it made Moe waste two bucks at the used book store over a decade ago.' That probably isn't enough.

So let me just cheat and note something (SPOILERS):

...if you go back in time to the 19th century and tell a bunch of RUSSIANS about Hitler, and CONVINCE them, they are not going to wait patiently for seventy years and then buy all of his paintings, thus keeping him out of politics. No... no, the Russians will instead do the practical thing one expects from functional paranoids and simply kill Hitler's grandparents. Although it's hard to say that 'paranoid' is a fair way to describe Russians; they have empirical proof that everybody really is out to get them...

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