#rsrh George Monbiot continues his descent into nuclear heresy.

Monbiot, as you may or may not recall, came to the conclusion earlier this year that anti-nuclear power hysterics were, well, anti-nuclear power hysterics who lie when it suits them and who have about as much intellectual credibility as you’d expect from a group of hardcore religious fanatics with a determinedly anti-science agenda.  Entertainingly, he’s still unbroken, half a year later, and is now ripping apart the anti-nuke crowd for peddling hideously overpriced radiation pills to Japanese affected by the Fukushima reactor meltdown (with a side order of conspiracy theorizing).  Yeah, I know: scum in human guise… but then, we were talking about the anti-nuclear power crowd, remember?  Those people get off on this sort of thing, particularly when it involves non-Europeans/Americans.

Via Samzidata, via Instapundit: I’m just going to add my usual note in these cases that while it may be personally satisfying to look upon the likes of a George Monbiot and righteously declaim “Too little, too late” – it’s much more satisfying to get the full conversion later*.  Or, if you prefer a more utilitarian argument: you have to reward appropriate behavior as well as punish inappropriate behavior.

Moe Lane

*Not to mention better for you in a moral sense.

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