#rsrh ‘Zounds*! Frum threatens to leave the GOP!

This is staggering!

Any other nominee [besides Romney or Huntsman] would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978.

I mean, do you know what this implies? Why, it implies that David Frum still identifies as a Republican!  God knows why: he hates 95% of the party with the tepid passion of a thousand pictures of the sun.  Seriously, why is Frum still pretending?

(Via Hot Air)

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, go soak your head.  It would be a tragedy if I got forced out of the Republican party: I’m one of those people who joined up after 9/11, and me being driven away would be a serious danger sign that the GOP was letting one leg of the tripod overrule the desires of the other two.  Dynamic tension between factions is what keeps a party strong.

Frum, on the other hand, is merely a whiner.  It grates.

*It’s short for “God’s wounds.”  Just in case you ever wondered.

14 thoughts on “#rsrh ‘Zounds*! Frum threatens to leave the GOP!”

  1. I would offer to soak his head in a bucket of water for him but unfortunately I am aware that for some reason it’s illegal in most locations. But he is giving us one of the best possible reasons for NOT nominating Romney or Huntsman! It would disappoint the rhinos.

  2. I’m sure rank and file Republicans are just torn to pieces at the prospect of Mr. Frum leaving the party, and any minute now, he will be inundated with pleas for clemency from a properly chastened base……. any minute now…….. aaaany minute now…..

  3. I think he should beat his chubby widdle fists on the floor and hold his breath ’til he turns blue.

    Then he can join his soulmates at Occupy DC. I bet he’s an awesome all-night drummer.


  4. There are three kinds of men. The one learns by reading. The few learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.
    Will Rogers

    Did the lights just dim?

  5. One wonders if Mr. Frum remembers John Anderson.

    One further wonders if Mr. Frum needs help packing for his journey to complete irrelevance.


  6. No. Read the last three paragraphs again. Frum isn’t saying he’ll leave the Republican party.

    Frum is saying that if the Republican nominee is anyone other than Huntsman or Romney, he’ll vote for Obama.

    Frak him ’til his ears bleed.

  7. There ain’t three legs. There is one rocket body which embodies all of Conservatism (hint: socons are fiscons are hawks), and two tiny winglets on the sides which we could do without.

    If a pure hawk leaves, it means more than if a libertarian leaves, but not all that much. If a socon leaves, then you’re in trouble.

    Oh, and feel free to leave, Mr. Frum. We’re not holding you back in the slightest.

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